More on end-to-end ownership

I often say that Leadership = Ownership. And I judge the quality of Leadership by Ownership. Ask yourself the following questions and you will know the quality of your Leadership:

1. Idea - Were you responsible for 0 to 1 or was someone else?

2. Did you fully take it to 1 to 10 or someone else? What was your contribution from proven idea to basic scale?

3. Were you doing 100s of optimisations needed on a weekly basis or was someone else doing that?

4. Were you the most worried person on the organisation about the core metrics for your team or was someone else?

5. Were you massively pushing yourself or your team or was it someone else ?

6. Every process, product has some massive game changing and needle moving iterations. Did you bring those or did someone else?

7. Were you managing the team effectively with a great culture and even the massive issues are handled so that escalations are very rare?

8. Did you make a well-oiled machinery and took it from 10 to 100, with the entire process scaling massively?

9. Could anyone else in the organisation done your job better than you when it comes to - processes, innovation, systems, team management, MoM growth?

10. Did you build a strong team with each member having absolute clarity and motivation towards their goa?

11. Was your product the most innovative product in the market?

12. How swiftly and efficiently you handled the issues in real time which cropped up?