Product Market Fit - Part One

PMF is not your growth that you get through Cashback or Aggressive Sales (that’s a Traction Strategy). Growing itself doesn’t mean that you have PMF, we know of many companies that have Growth but no PMF. Excessive Capital can lead to growth without PMF.

So what truly is PMF:

Imagine a city where 100% of your TG lives. And you open a store in the city which gives out your Product for free for two hours on a set date and time. You make this announcement through a channel that reaches 100% of your customers.

What % of people living in the city (your TG) will come to the store so that they can get your Product for free?

This is your PMF.

If your Product is given out for free, will people actually stand in the line or change their calendar to get it.

Most products can only be sold (and people wouldn’t use them if they were given out for free), they cannot be bought.

Build a Product that people want to buy and would be really happy if it’s available for free.

And if you have to break this down into a process, ask your users this question:

If we were to do a free sale in a store in your city (limited hours and limited product availability, will you come to get our Product?

A: Yes, I will come two hours before the sale and stand in the line

B: I will change my schedule but I will try to be at the Store in those two hours

C: I will try, if I am free then I will come

D: No I will not come